Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Line in a book re: children and joy

I love to read. More-over, I love romance novels. My favorite author is Linda Lael-Miller. I am reading her latest, "A Creed in Stone Creek". One line in there comes when they are talking about what makes them believe in God.

"I'm convinced because of thunderstorms, the kind that seem to shake the ground itself. And because of the way little kids laugh, from way down deep in their middle because the're so full of joy that they can't hold it in."

It was very poignant to me. Not in a bad way, just very deep. I wonder when we lose that joy? What destroys it in so many?


  1. I don't know that it is destrpyed, so much as forgotten or suppressed. We grow up, are told to be 'adults', given responsibilities, and stress in our lives. Timelines, deadlines.. all of which seem to take away from the joyful times, the time we have to reflect on ourselves. We forget who we are, or maybe not forget, but we focus so much on who we are "supposed" to be, we don't allow ourselves to just laugh.. hard, deep, loud.. in a way that would probably make others stare at us like we've gone mad. Yes, it's the same laugh, that, if coming from a young child, would also make that same person that think you are crazy laugh.

    It's hard to say what happens. I say - I accept that I'm amused by little things. I laugh out loud as much as I type "LOL" (which is a LOT). And if others can't find the humor, the joy, and laugh at the littlest of things, then I say it is their loss. I laugh because it makes me happy inside. I wish for everyone to be able to find that, too. To set aside the 'expectations' of adult-hood, and just laugh and enjoy the little things that are so often over-looked.

  2. Very true Michele. I too am big at belly laughs and being amused with the small things (and big things too). I just know that it is not the same. I think negative growing up experiences rob a lot of people of that joy, the same as bad attitudes and pessimism do. You meet those people who seem so dark and cloudy that you think they are at an extreme deficit of joy.


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