Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook, is it *really* a good thing?

If you know me at all, you know I am a Facebook junkie! I love how it helps to keep you in touch with folks you would otherwise probably be out of touch with. I like how it helps to spread information that you otherwise may not know. It definitely has it's great qualities.

However, it has some major draw-backs, especially if you are a little hyper-sensitive, like I tend to be.

Some things I am talking about:

  • Common friends plan an outing without you
  • An invite to an event goes out, and you realize all of your mutual friends are on it, but not you
  • Something is posted resembling something you told that person in confidence and you wonder
  • Someone tells you one thing, and they post another
  • (And my favorite) when you consider someone a true friend, and you find one day they have deleted you. You know you have never said or done anything in a bad way towards them. You send them messages to ask, yet, they don't respond.  
Now, I don't let most of this get to me, as I am guilty as the next person. I forget or accidentally skip someone. Or I agree to a luncheon or plan one without including everyone. Why? Because sometimes people want to hang out with others and it is nothing personal to those who aren't invited that day...I will get with them next time. When it comes to invites, maybe you don't invite people who you don't think will be interested. Then again, you might not invite them because you don't want them around. 

You see, you don't know how the things you are going to post are going to be interpreted. I mean, if you delete someone that thinks you are their friend, and then refuse to respond to their messages, the message is clear. 

If you don't care about how others feel, then, by all means, don't worry about it. But if you do care, think before you type/post/invite. If you think you may have offended someone, check with them. Be careful. Don't post what you wouldn't speak. I know for sure there is much more I would speak than post. I am conservative in my posts, believe you me. I post a lot, I have fun, and I am not perfect. I have offended and hurt others. I am just proposing we be more aware. With more interaction is more potential for fun, but also more potential for foul. 

Happy posting!!! :)


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