Monday, March 2, 2009


  • I am a food stasher. I stash food so my family will leave it alone and it will be 'there" when I want it.
  • I have become a home-body. I don't really enjoy going places very much unless it is with Chris. I find myself dreading a trip to the store, to the school, or anything else of the sort. Especially at night. I just wanna relax and get ready to sleep.
  • I have become a light music lover. I mean instrumental music. I can listen to it while I study and anything else. I downloaded the piano version of "Bella's Lullabye" yesterday and have listened to it 19 times (iTunes keeps count).
  • However, I still love my Texas country the most and still listen to it 99% of the time.
  • I find myself cold all the time lately. I am getting sick of it, and Chris is getting sick of our heating bill.
  • I am procrastinating getting my lumbar puncture because I know it will hurt and I am just not up for it.
  • I ate shrimp the other night and broke into hives...this after already knowing I reacted like that before. It was only ONE shrimp. Guess I need to leave them suckers alone.
  • I still listen to my 80's hard rock hair bands I was so fond of as a teenager.
  • I think I am like that Nadia Sulman chick, I am addicted to having kids. However, that is where my brain kicks in and knows when enough is enough. Sure, I'd LOVE to have 13 kids, but I can't afford them nor could I care for them (or have enough patience for them).
  • That being said, I am holding out for grandbabies WAY down the road (though I wouldn't turn down another adoption if it came out way).
  • I would love to do an internship with the Duggars and learn how the heck they do it. If they can do it with so many, surely I could learn a better way to do it with so few.
  • I will stay in my jammies all day if I have no where to go. Then, at bedtime I bathe and change into a clean pair. LOL
  • I miss my Poppa Lloyd so much that everytime I think of him I cry. It seems to be more often lately. I just wish I could have said goodbye.
  • I miss my Brody too and still cry over losing him. I think of him so many times daily. It seems like I just lost him yesterday, but feels like it was ages ago at the same time.
  • The older I get the more I realize family means. I find myself wanting to get to know ALL my family and be in close contact with them. I wonder about siblings out there my bio father claimed to have fathered...are they out there? Who are they? Do they wonder if I am out there?
  • I have an addiction to the internet, and spend way too much time on here daily.
  • I love the outdoors but do not want to be out there if it's cold. Give me heat please.
  • Spring is my favorite time of year and I always feel a renewed energy at that time.

I guess that is all for now...hasta la vista

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