Monday, March 9, 2009

The time change

I HATE when the time changes, but I love this one once I get adjusted. However, can we just leave it please? I hate the adjustment period.

I worked all weekend and I am overly tired today. Seriously. Feel like I could sleep another few hours, but I won't. 

Troy's little friend Ghavin is in the hospital with pneumonia. They just decided to transfer him out to Cooks. That is not good. That means he is getting worse. Poor little guy, and poor his parents. That is so scary. We need to pray for him. If you have seen my MySpace pictures, you see many of Ghavin there, all the way from when they were 1 until now. Actually, before they were one. Ghavin's dad calls them "Poncho & Lefty" because Ghavin's Dad is hispanic and Troy is white. It's so cute. He's really the only friend Troy has his age.

Well, I have homework to get done and things to sell on Ebay. Talk at y'all later. :D

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