Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RV anyone?

Not going into too much detail, because if you know me, you know the details already. Due to changes in the economy (most notably our pocketbook), we will be downsizing to RV living come May. You already know if you read this daily (yes, I know you are out there...the ones who don't follow...ahem, family!) that I already have decided to homeschool Michaela again, as the public school thing has surely not worked in our favor. We are so excited. We will be staying at a beautiful RV Resort and I think we will all love it. Since Chris is still working (THANK YOU JESUS) we will not be able to travel except for weekends, vacations, and holidays. 

I think we'll love it. I know some of you have expressed concerns of our sanity, but I assure you we are fine. Yes, I also know of the bet on how long it takes us to crack and get into a house again. I'll see you on that and even raise the bet!!!

So, that is my update. I have so much to do in the month of April. I have TWO classes I am taking, I will return to work every other weekend, all that along with preparing this journey to begin. 


  1. I got your link for your blog from the rv-dreams forum. Welcome to RVing! I've read your blog from start to finish and have enjoyed it.

    We have been fulltimers for nearly 5 years and have had a great time traveling. We too use satellite internet.

    So, lots of luck, and hope to read more!

  2. You go girl. Whatever it takes to keep your family and your sanity in this crazy world. You are a survivor and it will take people like you to make it. It is those who do not know how to adapt, change direction that lose it and do drugs, or kill someone because they feel trapped. Best of luck to you and yes you can do it. RVing is about being outside more than being inside.


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