Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning, no moaning

I am actually in a really good mood today. I think weekdays are different for me as I don't work during the week, I work weekends. So, I am on the countdown to my working weekend, weekdays don't bother me too much. I relish them. Michaela is at school, Troy calm because it's just he and I (no stimulation), and the house is clean. I finished one class last night, waiting on my final grade. Started a new one today. Let me tell you, this month will be one of pure torture because this class does not interest me in the LEAST! It is "How computers (and the internet) work. Ugh...I got the basics in my last class and that is all I really want to know. I guess I'll be better for the learning, but one more time *ugh*.

Still no news on the job. Waiting ever so un-patiently!

I think T and I will take us a nice nap in a bit. :D

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