Friday, March 13, 2009

It is cold and wet

This weather is not something that  impresses me. Yeah, we NEED the rain. Lots more as a matter of fact, but come on now, we did NOT need the cold. It was getting so pretty and I already planted my seeds to start my growings for my garden. Now they are sprouting (inside) and I can't put them out until it gets warmer again. Then let's not talk about the ones I sat outside that now I am afraid are not going to sprout!

So, I have errands to run that have to be run. Pretty much an all day affair (with Troy in tow). Oh well, such is the breaks. It can't always be lollipops and gum drops, right?

Have I mentioned that one of my tires is EXTREMELY low? So, I have to put air in the muddy things and probably go by discount tire and get it fixed. Fun fun. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. Mine is just gonna be...yuck.

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