Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So, not much to update you on

But I'll write anyhow. Michaela took the TAKS yesterday and feels really good about it. I hate how that is ALL the school worries about. They teach them to pass this test, not for the love or potential of their learning. 

Still no news on the job in Longview, I am about to give up too. Chris already gave up, but me being the optimist, I tend to hold out longer on everything.

So, now he is looking back in West Texas where he grew up. Found out the oil field is there too. His buddy called last night and told us he knows of TWO houses out on ranches that the owners want lived in (for free) so they don't deteriorate. That would be cool. 

I am just knowing that wherever God wants us, he'll take us, when he is ready for us to be there. My gut tells me "this" is not the place.

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