Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the hunt for another RV (that was quick, lol)

Well, not going into too much detail but the phrase "if it's too good to be true, it usually is" comes to mind. We had the 5th wheel here, and I had been cleaning on it big time. See, it was left in storage with 2 bags of shrimp, 2 cans OJ, one pkg hamburger, and two pkg steak in the freezer. Eggs and various other foods in the fridge. Let me tell you how nasty the stench in there was!!! I have scrubbed and bleached and scrubbed and cleaned and done everything possible and finally after a week of that, along with charcoal in there, it is smelling nice. I have scrubbed the tile back white again and vacuumed. I still need to steam clean the carpets as you can smell that a dog was there. I have cleaned it from top to bottom, including inside the cabinets.

So, we were amazed at our unbelievable deal on this RV. Yesterday he calls and says he decided he wants to sell it for more money. 

We went and picked it up out of storage for him, paid the back storage on it, took 3 days off to do it all, got it set up and CLEANED, and now he says he has another buyer and he'll give us $1,000 for all our trouble. (We are not gullible or dumb..this is someone we have known for years and never would have thought he'd squelch on a deal.)

That being said, we are on the hunt.  We are also on a tight budget, so that is another issue. We want to just pay cash, but are limited on that so much that what I am finding, I'm not willing to live in. I bet we'll end up putting a chunk down and making payments. We'll just see. 

I'm just hacked. Everything was all set (I thought) and this has put a snag in my chain. 

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  1. Bummer, Heather Lynn. Sorry to hear that this happened but things happen for a reason. You'll probably find a better one for a better price and clean to boot!

    Good luck!


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