Sunday, March 1, 2009

The dinner last night

Was disappointing to say the least. We got there to be told "we are not taking any more names for our wait list tonight, sorry". I realized soon that it was a tactic to get people to go somewhere else. So, I just stood there. And stood there. 45 minutes of standing there looking at the door keeper and he says "oh, I didn't realize you had a baby (Troy), go ahead and come in. Once we were in, we got on the wait list. Another 30 minutes and we got a table. It was on the patio (it's 32 degrees outside) and although they had canvas walls & heat,  the walls ended about an inch from the floor and the air blew was still COLD. But that is okay, at least we were in there. So, our waitress comes over and she throws out a few insults, but that was it, took our drink order and gone. We saw her 3 times. That was it. She brought Mac a hat towards the end of dinner. We had to hunt her down for our check. 

Michaela said she enjoyed it, but I think we could have done something a lot more fun for less. I am going to write the head dogs a letter telling them what we thought, and see if we can right the wrong.

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