Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Houston, we have a vacation planned!!!

Here is how it is gonna go: we are leaving here on the 13th of May, and heading south to San Antonio. We are going to see the Natural Caverns on our way down. Then, on the 14th we're gonna do Sea World. Michaela is going to swim with the Beluga Whales and we're all going to eat lunch with Shamu. On the 15th we will do the San Antonio Zoo and after we are done, head south to South Padre Island. On the 16th, Chris will head out early on a guided fishing trip and when he returns, Michaela and I will go horseback riding on the beach. On the 17th we will go on a dolphin watching tour, and then on a Pirateship Cruise complete with Pirates, water gun fights, and the like. (It's a family cruise, meaning, it's geared towards kids.) On the 18th we'll head home. :D

I am so excited, I was on a very strict budget and came in below it. :D


  1. I am exhausted from reading it, sounds like fun for the entire family. Wishing you and safe trip.

    Stay Safe

  2. Good for you, sounds like a great plan. Just don't 'overdo' it! San Antonio is a lovely city. Try to do Riverwalk while you're there.

    Should be hot at South Padre in May!


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