Sunday, March 20, 2011

The best photograph I have ever taken...

I would love to be a great photographer. Not the kind that people pay to take their pictures, the kind that does it for fun and not for profit. The kind that people would love to hire, but that is not for hire. I just want to be good so that *I* enjoy my photos more. So that I can leave a legacy in print for my family not only in written word, but in imagery too.

My most favorite photograph I have ever taken was taken at the beach this past summer. It is of my precious adopted gift, little Troy. He has the sweetest freckles.

Are you ready to see the picture? Well then, let's get to it...

After looking though, I cannot decide if this one is my favorite, or if another one is. So I will post it too.

You can decide if you think one is better than the other. I am taking a class on the 9th of April to learn to use my camera better. I am so excited. I am sure I will be sharing my "fruits" with you at a later time and date. :)


  1. You have taken SO MANY super EXCELLENT photographs of my grandchildren (thank you!) I don't think I could pick a favorite!

  2. They are both so good! He is an absolute doll! I feel the same way. I got a really expensive camera for my 40th birthday and I'd love to know how to use it better. LOVE your pictures!

  3. Thank you both...I enjoy taking pictures. A LOT! Pictures are certainly worth a thousand words, and priceless!

  4. i love your photos! they say out of every 100 pics taken only 2 are awesome. so take out the camera and just snap away!

  5. I love them both! His freckles are so sweet! The lighting was just perfect. I too, love taking pictures and need to learn more about how to use my fancy shmancy camera. =) I can't wait to see more of your pictures!


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