Friday, March 25, 2011

Supper Menu Planning

How do you do it? I love cooking. Seriously I do. I love to bake. I love that my family appreciates a home-made meal, even if it is just some casserole I threw together. I collect cookbooks, but the problem is I *rarely* use them. In may I have a challenge I will post to get others using cookbooks along with me. Well, that or recipes they find online or elsewhere. Anyhow, I am looking for a new way to fashion my weekly menu. So far, it looks like this:

Sunday: Comfort Food
Monday: Soup/Sandwich/Salad
Tuesday: Italian
Wednesday: Breakfast for Supper
Thursday: Mexican
Friday: ???
Saturday: ???

Now, we do not do meatless. I have tried. It just doesn't fly around here. Also, we don't do seafood/fish. Maybe I should add an oriental night? We all like that. I like "southern" food too, but isn't that the same as comfort food? LOL

I'll come back and update, but I'd really like to hear from y'all. Inspire me. Come on.


  1. one of ours has always been toothpick night! well, for toddler dude it is finger food night cause we wont let him have a basically it is a whole meal that requires nothing more than a toothpick to eat, our favs are stuffed mushrooms, meatballs with some sort of dipping sauce, cherry tomatoes, diced bits of cheese/avocado/fruit etc. we even will get goofy at times and do fruit bits for desert with chocolate or caramel to dip in.

    i like the idea of an oriental night as well. what about a build your own night like individual pizzas, taco salads, or a chilled pasta dish? anything that you can set out all the ingredients to and let each person add what they want.

  2. I've always had trouble menu making. I don't know what my problem is. i started doing it, then got off track. seems to be my problem! You could make one night leftovers (are there ever any leftovers in your house? lol!) maybe a sandwich night, and i liike the 'toothpick' idea, sounds fun! since it's summer - what about just a hot dog/hamburger night on the fire/grill?

    I think my biggest problem is that i'm not a huge fan of cooking. Baking - SURE, cooking, not so much. I look forward to reading more about your menu making!

  3. One night a week we have each person in turn choose. they have to say what they want before grocery day. We do it for Saturday Family Movies. It was hubbys turn and he picked wings and fries. it just goes round in rotation :)


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