Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Fried Chicken Recipe

Get you a chicken. I prefer to buy one already cut up for frying, but if you want to cut your own up, be my guest.

Soak your chicken overnight in a salt-pepper-garlic brine (you can do this for only a few hours if you are pressed for time, or skip it all together).

Rub your chicken with a seasoning blend, I use salt/pepper/garlic.

Mix in a gallon baggie all purpose flour and whatever seasonings you like (guess what I use? S/P/G once again).

In a bowl, combine 6 eggs and about half as much buttermilk as eggs in your bowl. Yeah, ya gotta eyeball this one.

In a dutch oven (this is necessary, make sure you have a dutch oven. If you use something else, it will NOT turn out the same.) heat about 1-2 inches oil. Peanut oil is preferred, but shortening will work and I guess you could use vegetable oil, but I wouldn't.

Dredge your chicken in flour and place on a wire rack or plate to wait for next step.

After dredging, dip you pieces of chicken (one at a time works best) into the egg/buttermilk mixture, and then dredge in flour again. You should have a good thick coating at this point.

Place chicken into the dutch oven and cook until browned on each side (turn it half way through, after one side is browned), about 12-15 minutes. I cover my oven while each batch is cooking. It should be about 145 degrees internally after you take it from the oil, but it will continue to cook as it sets outside of the oil and will reach about 160.

That is it. You should have PERFECTLY fried chicken now.

I will take pictures as I do it and come back and post them in this later. :)

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  1. Awesome! Thanks! Sadly, I don't have a dutch oven. soo.. I'll have to figure something out. do you suppose we could use a deep fryer?

    I like you S/P/G mix, very in line with our tastebuds! =) can't wait for pictures! I'll be ure to come back and check it out when you add them!


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