Thursday, March 24, 2011


Many of you know that I have a heartfelt conviction about wearing skirts. However, my dear hubby is not really a fan of skirts. I have more conviction about honoring his wishes, so I do not wear them full time. Every now and then, something happens to open my eyes about the subject. It has been said that people respond differently to you when you are in a skirt than when you are not. I had proof of this yesterday.

We were in a car accident last Friday. As a result, we are going to a chiropractor now. The first visit was Tuesday. I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Yesterday, I wore a skirt. Now, this was not an experiment I planned, but boy was it a lesson in opening my eyes to what I had been told. First off, when it was my turn to be adjusted, the doc offered me a blanket because I was wearing a skirt. My skirt was quite long, and I did not need one to maintain my modesty. Then, when the tech was placing me on heat I noticed she took more care to keep me covered than she had the previous day. Even the way they interacted with me was more reserved. So yes, people really do react differently when you are wearing a skirt than when you are not.

I think I shall make more of an effort to be more feminine. This is a challenge for me, because I am quite comfortable being a "tom boy". I know though that God created me to be so much more, and I will work to be what he created me to be.


  1. I have always desired to wear more skirts or dresses than pants. I suppose practicality got in the way of that. I did talk to Bill about it awhile back though. He said the next time I go shopping instead of buying pants buy a skirt and whatever I need to go along with it and quit waiting and complaining. LOL

  2. when you discover how to get over being a tomboy would you clue me in??? i desperately want to be more feminine and i know hubby likes it when i girl it up a bit, but i have no clue most times on what makes a good feminine outfit that is attractive but not trashy. seems like so many clothes today show too much for my comfort...

  3. I lso wish to wear more girly clothing. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. jeans are actually COMFORTABLE for me to lounge around all day in. I want to wear dresses or skirts, but I always feel inappropriate somehow chasing a toddler in a skirt. Also, I just haven't been able to find anything I feel I look good in, that is also casual.

    interesting how you were treated differently. I think I would continue with the experiment with different places you go (on a regular basis - the bank, grocery store, etc).


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