Monday, March 28, 2011

My menu, revised and with this weeks selections

A couple of days I posted asking for suggestions on how to stage my weekly menu to make it easier for me, and more predictable for my family. This is how I have staged it, thank you all for your suggestions.

Monday: Oreintal/Finger foods
Tuesday: Mexican
Wednesday: Soup/Salad/Sandwich
Thursday: Italian
Friday: Breakfast
Saturday: American
Sunday: Comfort

Used to when I had a "theme" night, I had a casserole night. However, I have found that I cook way too many ethnic casseroles to just have one night. So, I will cook a casserole whenever it fits into our nightly theme.

I am so happy to get back to this system. It makes menu planning easier for me. Plus, I think it makes it fun for the kids.

This week, I am skipping theme for tonight because I already had dinner going. Otherwise, here we go:

Monday: Pinto Beans/Butter beans & cornbread
Tuesday: Chili Rellenos
Wednesday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches & chips
Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti
Friday: French Toast
Saturday: Hamburgers
Sunday: Smoked chicken, rice, broccoli & cheese


  1. Hey! I found you too! I enjoyed your other blog before and will enjoy perusing've been busy writing! Linda

  2. that looks fantastic! It is an inspiration! I really need to get back into a routine, and a menu would help, for sure!

    Do you menu plan for lunch? I find that we do a lot of PB sandwiches and apple wedges/some other fruit or grilled cheese. Or leftovers.


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