Monday, March 21, 2011

Music & the brain

The other day we were driving and my daughter was just floored because she realized that there were very few songs that came on that I didn't know the words too. Yes, I am a regular Celine Dion of the car variety...I could peel paint off walls with this less than magnificent voice, but I LOVE to sing, so I do. Anyhow, Michaela says "Well Mom, I learned that the human brain can only remember the lyrics to 250 songs. But Mom, you know something like a million songs". I laughed. My recall for lyrics is stellar, even if the melodic tone of my singing is NOT.

I have been looking for a source online to list what the recall for songs is for the average person, but alas, it appears that the human brain is a funny thing. It's memory potential is indefinite. Just when I thought I finally found my super human power. Oh well. I shall keep searching. :)


  1. i think the brain hears the beat of the song and then pulls it up :) i am the same way. i belt and groove to music all the time.

  2. I am very much like you - I can somehow remember lyrics to a song, although the artist and song name may be lost. I am also of the same singing caliber as you. I think we would be great road trip buddies! And now you have me interested in this topic also.. I shall look into this..


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