Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our move is Complete!

Yes, you heard me, OUR MOVE IS COMPLETE! (So I should be back on top of blogging again.)

We were in a wreck yesterday. A lady driving a flat bed tow truck ran a red light, going over 70mph and slammed into our front end as we were going through the intersection. We are very blessed as I was the only one that was injured, and my injuries are minor. I have a fractured bone in my hand and a concussion, along with some bruising. That is it.

The kids were with me but are fine. Everyone was sitting on the passenger side or in the middle. I was the only one on the side of impact.

I am praising God for his hand in keeping us safe. I am well aware of how bad this wreck COULD have been.

On another note, I fell off of the taking a picture every day wagon. I will start this again. Thanks for reading, talk to you more soon.

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  1. So glad you and the kids are okay! So scary! Can't wait to catch up here and see the pictures!


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