Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Year's Curriculum...

I am searching for curriculum for next year for the kids. Definitely for Michaela we are doing Tapestry of Grace and Teaching Textbooks. For grammar we are thinking Language Lessons. Here is the problem...for science, I am at a loss. Suggestions anyone? We are trying to do less textbook and more hands on.


  1. What is she taking this year? Of all the high school level science we've tried, I like Apologia the best. It can be pretty hands on and you can get lab kits with all the stuff you need to do the science experiments. Christian Liberty Press science though was BORING and I'm not going to use them again.

  2. we use SOS and it has a ton of projects -that we don't do- but it seems like great fun if you want things to get your hands into

  3. She is doing earth science this year. I seriously was thinking about just doing experiments and learning through those. I don't know. I LOVE Apologia but she does not. :(

    SOS, she tried that this past semester and didn't dig it. Thank you both for your input, it is truly valued. Maybe I can convince her that Apologia is not that bad. :)


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