Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of my favorite things...seriously

My friend "Athena" makes these wonderful little cloths she has named "Bird-E Towels". When she first created them, they were called "un-paper towels" and I am stuck on that name. I ordered one order and I was hooked. I went back for more (and will be returning again).

Prior to these, I was a Viva paper towel snob/junkie. I used paper towels for EVERYTHING. Well, not everything, but pretty close. Since I have gotten the Bird-E towels, I have transitioned to not using paper towels, AT ALL. Well, this weekend it finally happened. I let all of my Bird-E towels get dirty and I sent my daughter down to the garage to get me paper towels. I used them, but I HATED them. I didn't realize how spoiled I was.

My reasoning in going to the Bird-E towels initially was not to be more "green", it was to cut down on my paper towel costs. I used to go through a roll a day. Seriously, a complete roll. I used Viva, do you KNOW how much they cost?

Anyhow, I love my Bird-E towels and I think anyone would. I use them as I would papertowels, washrags, dishcloths, and more things than I can list. Just this morning while tidying up I used them like I commonly do, to soak things and highlight them so I can come back later. What do I mean? Like, on the couch cushion there was spilled yogurt (I have been meaning to clean it for some time, but kept forgetting). On the kitchen floor was a floor "glop" from last night that had hardened to glue-like status. On the stove another glue-like food glop. I took three Bird-E towels, wet them, and placed one wadded up wet towel on each spot and left it. When I came back, the spots were ready to be cleaned and I just used the towel to scrub it up.

I used to keep a lingerie bag hanging in my laundry area, and as I used each one, I put it in that bad, now I have a basket on top of my dryer that I place them in as I use them. I also just ordered me a beautiful basket (seen here from Tastefully Simple) to put them in on my counter. Currently, they are in a plastic bin. I know "Athena" uses a circular toilet paper holder to put hers in on her kitchen counter, and it looks really nice. I am currently coveting her red Bird-E towels. I think I shall order them and move my bleached ones to the bathrooms and other jobs.

This review was not requested nor have I been reimbursed for doing it. Actually, "Athena" does not even know about it (yet, though I will link her to it). I just honestly think that the Bird-E towels are an amazing product worth sharing with others.

In case you didn't see the links above, I am giving you this link to her store, "Athena Creates". She has other great items too.


  1. it's funny you post this - i came across this site a while back. I would use them, but I don't know if my hubby would. He's very set in his ways, and hard to change and adapt to things I try to introduce. =/

  2. My hubby was not a fan at first, but they have grown on him. He grabs them now instead of paper towels or paper napkins. :)

    They also make a GREAT spoon rest for coffee or cooking.


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