Friday, March 25, 2011

Writing a novel

I have always enjoyed writing. In high school (yes, that long ago) I attempted to write a novel. I think it got up to over 200 pages, but never was finished or submitted for publishing. I don't even know what happened to all of those pages I typed out on the word processor.

After that attempt, I guess life took over and I became more a connoisseur of novels than a writer of them. Actually, I have lost my ability to twist language where it would draw others in, like I used to be able to do. I am going to work at getting it back. Who knows, one day I may again attempt a novel. Right now, this blog is as close as it will get.

Did you ever have dreams of being a writer? If not a writer, what were you dreams of? Did you give them up or just postpone them? Were you one of the ones who pursued and achieved your dreams? Or were you like me, and your dreams changed?

I did not give up on my dream of being a writer, it just became less important to me. With the demands of being a wife, a mother, a teacher, a college student, a health care provider, etc., it just fell by the way side. I wouldn't exactly even call it a dream anymore. I would more say I would love it as a hobby, and if it ever turned into anything more, then great.


  1. I think you would be a great author. My greatest dream was to have a family and be a mom. When I was in high school I enjoyed drawing and taking pictures. I know I stopped doing those things because life got in the way. Now, however I have other interests that I would like to pursue.

  2. I've never dreamed of being a writer, but it has been fun to watch my oldest daughter have a love of writing. She's more thinking along the lines of doing journalism than writing novels, but it sure is wonderful to see her thoughts coming to life on paper! Oh, and our new neighbors across the street....the mom is an author! She is about to publish her first book, which apparently is a clean romance novel!! :)

  3. My dream has always been to be a mother. Sure, growing up I wanted to be a lawyer, a teacher, a veterinarian... but aside from all that, the most important to me was always to be a mother. I've never had the desire to be a big career woman. I've wanted to always have babies, raise them, love them. Be a wife, and that's it. I've been told I have no ambition. I've been told that why would anyone just want to stay home. Well, now that I am a mother, it only confirms my dreams were and still are valid. I would not trade one day, the worst day filled with tantrums and screaming and explosive diapers, for ANYTHING else.

    Hobbies are good - I make bows, I like to read, I like to do artsy stuff with Bella.

    I think that you would be a fantabulous writer. you have so much knowledge, advice, and you are funny. You could write about your life - homeschool, living by your faith, and raising a family in the south. It sounds very much like a book I would read. ;)

  4. i would love to read your stories

  5. I had so many dreams, a ballerina; a nurse, once I even THOUGHT I wanted to own and run a daycare center; even looked into buying this huge Victorian house (3 stories) the top two were for me, you & your brother to live in and the bottom floor would be the day care center. Not only could I not afford the house; but the modifications that would have to be made to get licensed were as much as the house! So construction it was... The only job I had the education for that would pay enough to support us.


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